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How to Convert PRC file to Kindle file

Palm Resource Code, or PRC files, are the standard for viewing eBooks on a Palm device.Different kind of files are supported on different e-book reader devices.You can convert Convert eBook to any Format for any device with Hamster Free Book Converter,with the debut of the Amazon Kindle, PRC files can now be read on the device after a brief conversion.

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How to convert Convert PRC to Kindle :

1.Send an email with the PRC file as an attachment to,where amazon will automatically convert and upload your file to your kindle.This method cost money however you can use Kindle users have a person email address) if you have amazon account registered with amazon.

2.Use any conversation software that can convert  PRC file to Kindle file that is both available online and offline.

3.Now transfer your PRC file to your kindle with USB cable or by using wireless method.Some of PRC file are directly converted in to kindle file,even they are PRC file.


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