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Download Nonograms game for your Kindle

Nonograms game for the Kindle is simple but still challenging Japanese logic puzzle games in which your goal is to uncover the hidden black and white picture,you can download Nonograms game for the Kindle from amazon for just $2.99.

If you are used to play sudoku games, you must like that Nonograms game for the Kindle,because both of them are most similar.

The game containing grid with number clues on the sides that help to reveal the hidden picture. The numbers measure how many blocks of black square there are in any given row and column, and the size of these blocks. Kindle 3, Kindle 2 and the Kindle DX device can support the Nonograms game.

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How to play Nonograms game with the Kindle :

You can move your cursor on playing board by using 5-key selector on your kindle.Space will mark a square as black, and pressing any character above the space (c, v, b ,n or m) will mark a square as white. Q and A keys can be used for Testing for contradictions.H can be used for Help.S will be used for solution and by pressing S again you will be return to your game.
The game also used with optional clock which can be enabled by menu option,clock will be stopped while using hint key or solution.basic (10x10), expert (15x15) and master (20x20) displays are available for playing Nonograms game on the Kindle.

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