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How to Download videos from Youtube with keepvid

 So many sites are providing live video streaming and online video streaming channels, but none of them are providing one click download link to download our most favorite video from that website.For download those video, you need to go through several advertisement page.For YouTube video download in your PC you have to try following tutorials.
YouTube is largest video sharing website over the internet and the strange thing is that YouTube is not providing any download link that allows user to download their most Favorited videos from is the way, how you can download YouTube video straightly to your PC.

1.Just log on to that allows user to download YouTube video directly in to PC without any redirection to any page in an high quality MP4 format which is used by most popular portable devices such as the iPhone, and PSP,If you like any video on YouTube and wish to download it in to your PC, than I will suggest you the best YouTube video downloader.

2.After going to that website, you will find one URL address where you have to paste the YouTube video URL.

3.After pasting the YouTube Video URL at the page, just click on download link, and you will be redirected to one page, from that page, you will be able to Download Video in FLV , MP4 , 3GP and MP3 format.

4.Just click on whatever format you need to be converted your favorite YouTube video and click on that link,You will be promoted to download, just click on save and video will be downloaded in to your PC directly.

If you are Firefox user, than you need to install Firefox extension VideoDownloader from Mozilla Addons website, that let user to downloads all embedded objects on a webpage including the video clips.

Now You have done !!!

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