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How to Download YouTube videos with saveYouTube website is online, fast and easy Youtube video downloader.You need no any additional software to download YouTube videos on your PC,Just Kiss the YouTube video URL and download it in to your PC without any Mozilla add-ons, any software.

How to Download YouTube videos with

1.Go to youtube website and select the Video you wish to download in to your PC.

2.Copy the YouTube video URL from your browser address bar and paste it in to the address bar.There are two option first one is Download and second one is Loop video.

3.Select the Download and you will be promoted to download the video,there will be pop-up box opened, click on Run to continue.

4.There will be a list of download link will be appeared, Select the link for the appropriate format and right click on that followed by save as.

5.Youtube video will be start downloading on your PC.

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