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Get own Google Plus Profile vanity URL with

Facebook is providing a vanity url to their users like like wise twitter is also providing same user vanity URL!/bkgroup but Google plus is not providing vanity URL to their user profile.Google is still using long numbered URL for user of Google plus ( e.g 110508642555621841108 ), that is just because to preventing number of spamming e-mails to their G-mail user , because all Google services are linked together and most of G-mail accounts are connected with Google plus profile page.

The main drawback of Google plus profile long URL, you and your friends will have to remember and type very long URL to get with your Google plus profile.To overcome this problem use , it is simple application which converts long URL to short URL with your desired username, you just have to paste that numbered code highlighted in the image,like wise it will be in your google plus profile, Copy your Google plus profile page code by selecting your Google plus image in your account.
After pasting that code on the website, you need to enter your desired username at the left side of that website application and select add button. will convert your Google plus profile long URL to a vanity URL like mine I have recently created.(e.g.


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