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Video calling on Facebook is available now

Facebook recently announced to make something awesome within a week and there was rumor about Facebook that Mark Zuckerberg who is Facebook founder has recently announce the Skype powered video calling on Facebook which is similar to Google plus hang out feature recently launched by Google plus for social networking.Google plus mobile application are available for all mobile cell phone.

To setup video calling feature on Facebook, you need to install Facebook Video calling plugin,Facebook video calling plugin can be downloaded automatically when you are clicks on the Get started at Facebook video calling page.
Facebook Group video calling feature can also be used.
Click on setup, A Facebook video calling plugin exe file will be downloaded to your computer.
Now click on Run and install Facebook Video chatting plugin to your PC, Now whenever you want to make video call on Facebook, Just click on that persons profile,You will see three message at that profile namely Message, Call and Poke, Now click on the Call option on that Facebook profile page and Your friend will receive an Facebook video calling invitation, If he has not installed Facebook video chatting plugin than he will receive link to install plugin,as soon as he install that plugin, both of the person can start Face-to-Face video calling on Facebook.

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