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Google to kicking off Firefox toolbar

Google toolbar, by which Firefox users were able to download as an add-on to the service, and having features such as Google Translate, are not be available via the latest versions of Firefox.

Since many years Firefox users are provided so many features that were once offered by Google Toolbar for Firefox are now already built right into the browser.Google Toolbar help blog said that,Google Toolbar for Firefox will be worked for Firefox version upto Firefox 4 only, It will not be working for Firefox 5 and future version of Firefox.

Since the change is always good for some one and not liked too by some users,it is also applied in this matter also, It can be seen on the comment box on the official Google tool bar help blog,So many Firefox users vented their frustration about the change, with some accusing Google of trying to make people shift browsers to Chrome. Since Google has it's own web-browser "Google Chrome" Firefox isn/t the first priority for them.If you wish the change is good or bad for Firefox user, you can comment on below box.


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