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How to Hide Blogger Navbar

This article will explain you how to remove/disable or Hide blogger Navbar.If you are new to blogger and just recently made blog than you will see the colored link from blogger(Self-promotion) with one search bar, flag blog option,Next blog option and after that your email address and Blogger dashboard link with signin/sign out option.The Navbar appears on all freely-hosted Blog*Spot blogs, but can be disabled for users publishing via FTP.
This blogger Navbar link appears on newly registered blog and for whom who are still using blogspot templates provided by blogger.If you have updated new blogspot template than the *.xml blogspot template will not bear blogger navigation bar, so you need not to remove or hide Blogger Navbar in New Blogger Beta.Just by simply implementing following lines just before ]]></b:skin> code to your blogger template will make your blogger Navbar hide forever completely.
Just download/backup your blogger template before doing any template customization, it will helps you to get back your old template and changes will be discarded if you do not wish the changes made with your blogger template.

      #navbar-iframe {

And Save your blogger template.You have done!!
Now see your blog and observe the changes you made.

Should you remove /Hide blogger Navbar?Is it against blogspot TOS?
Well, beta blogger's policy page has not mentioned any thing related to removing or hiding blogspot Navbar in free blogspot hosted blog.


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