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All How to blogger tutorial

This articles is specially made for all new blogger junkie and newbie blogger.So If you are new to and searching for blogspot tutorial like how to blog, how to tricks for all blogger blog,,Blogger template customization,blogspot template tricks,Social sharing on blgger and all related articles about blogspot blog has been included in this articles.

How to Hide blogspot Navbar from Blogger Beta template
This article is explain you can disable/remove or hide blogspot blog navbar.This article include one simple trick,You just need to add one or two lined code in to your blogger template and you will have your blog without blogger navigation Navbar.

Beautiful Email subscription widget box in your blog
This article is explain you how you can add beautiful and stylish blogger E-mail subscription widget in to your blogger blog.Just you need to add your feedburner username, twitter user name and facebook fan page URL to add stylish and sexy e-mail subscription blogger widget in your blog.

Remove Nofollow attributes from blogger comment
This article will give you full details on how you can remove nofollow attributes from your blogger template in your blogger comment bar.

Force External links to open in new window
This article will explain you how you can make your visitor to stayed on your webpage and let them to visit another website.Whenever they click on the link you provided it will open in new window of their web-browser,so that you will never loose your page visitor .

Where to upload blogger favicon
This article will help you to find out website where you can host your blogger icon or favicon for free online.Many of blogger are searching for online image hosting for their blog favicon and wasting their time to register in so many fake website, just you need to login to those website and upload your website icon for free.

Add about author widget into your blog
This article will explain you how you can add about author widget in to your blog,About author widget is the one of the favorite widget liked by me,You too can add about author box below your each article and let your reader to easily identify whose article are they reading.

Add digg button to your blogger
This article will explain you how you can add digg button on your blogspot blog, You just need to enter following code in to your blogger template and so your reader can easily dugg your article, that will improve your Search engine ranking of your website.

Add Facebook send button on your blogger
This article will explain you how you can add Facebook like button on your blogger.Facebook like button will improve traffic to your article easily.

Floating social media sharing button on sidebar
This article will explain you all about social media sharing icons and button on your blog, you can implement all buttons like Google plus button, Facebook like button,LinkedIn button,stumbleupon button,digg and twitter button on your blog just by simple coding.

How to backup blogger template
This article will explain you about backing up your blogger template,backing up blogger template is easy and most useful when changes made to your blogspot template is not liked by you or are not working properly.

How to highlight author comment in blogger comment area
This article will explain you about highlighting author comment in blog,so that reader will easily distinguish between author and reader.

Replay option to blogger comment
This option is useful for all blogger owner, If you are blog owner you must use this option.This option is let user to add replay option to blogger comment.

Align adsense unit below blog tittle
This article will give you information on aligning your adsense unit below blog tittle, If you are running blog and and you are placing adsense ads below tittle, than you need to know either to right side or left side,just by simple coding.

Recent Post widget in blogger
Recent post widget is very useful for some blog to let reader what is recently posted on some blog, Reader can easily distinguish between older post and recent post as newer post.

Add Headlines by feedburner into your blog
Headlines by feedburner is also little similar tool like recent post widget in blogger,It summarize the recent post from your blog's rss feed and opens on new window or parent window as you can customize it.

Add Tetweet button in your blog
Tweeter button lets reader to retweet your blog articles so that you will have reader from twitter also.You can get traffic from twitter as social networking website.

Add Google plus button in your blog/website
Google has recently launched the social networking website as Google plus to compete with Facebook , you can thus get traffic from Google plus same like Facebook.

Optimize Images for Search Engine visibility
If you are still now using alt tag with image posted on your blog, than you must use alt tag with each images you are posting, because alt tag is providing better search engine visibility to your blog images.

Add Facebook Comment Box to Website
If you are getting rid of Old Facebook Comment box and wish to implement New comment box on your blog, you must try Facebook Comment box that has lots of Advantages over blogger ordinary comment box.


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