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How to Display Author Profile Picture On Google Search Engine Result page

Recently Google launched Google plus social networking website and there are so many changes Google made, Google to Saying Good Bye to Picasa and Blogger and so many changes ,like Gmail has increased their mail storage capacity etc.So blog author and website owner can now easily show up their profile in Google Search Result page.
So it is the golden chance that user can show up their profile photo in Google search engine result page, it make you fame as blog author.Your photo will give your identity to other reader and search makers.You can easily Display your Author Profile Picture On Google Search Engine Result page using the Google Authorship Tool.

Follow the steps to add your Profile Picture On Google Search Engine Result page.

1.First of all create your About me page of your blog.
About me page is having importance, because it shows your identity to your readers.Create an about me page for your blog/website like my about me page.If you don't have about me page, than you should create it for your website.Now Make sure you are providing a link to your Google Profile with rel=”me” embedded in the anchor tag. Your anchor tag should be similar to the one shown below.

<a href="" rel="me">My Profile</a>

I linked my profile of Google plus in above link, just replace the link with your Google plus profile link.You can also use your Google plus vanity URL instead of this long profile URL of Google plus by URL shortening service.

2.Now second step is to link your articles with About me page.
You can link your articles with about me page by making your profile page or you can also use about author widget box below each articles, it is an easiest way to linking your all articles with about me page with rel=”author” embedded in the anchor tag.Your anchor tag should be similar to the one shown below.

<a href="" rel="author">About the Author</a>

I have given about me page link for my blog, just replace the link with your blog about me page and link it with your all the articles & Don’t forget to add the same tag on your homepage, as well.

3.Now next step is to add custom link to your Google plus profile.Just go to your Google plus account and select edit profile there you will be find link box as shown in image here.

Select there add custom link and add about me page URL from your blog there and make sure that you have tick marked the this page is specifically about me Now save it.
Now you should know everything you just is made correctly or not, for that you can use Rich Snippets Testing Tool by Google.Now copy and paste your blog URL at there shown box and select preview button.
Just look for the Verified authorship markup is correct for this page line in green color, if you have done the procedure correctly, you will see that link in green color otherwise it will be red in color having respective warning.Google has rolled out initially for renown authors and still it is not effectively for all blogger as well, however you can try following troubleshooting for Displaying Author Profile Picture On Google Search Engine Result page for your blog to display your profile picture in Google search pages.

Tips :

1.Make sure you have linked your all the article with about me page,and you have made your about me page with rich image, and full information about you.
2.Author page should be on the same domain as your articles /stories are.
3.Your Google plus profile page should also be completed with your details and connected account as well.
4.Google will pick up the thumbnail image from your profile page, so make sure you have uploaded high quality image on your Google plus profile page and must look clear even it will be compressed in 50x50 thumbnail image.
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