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Now get E-mail address from your Facebook account

As we have recently seen , @ , @ email address registered with different different websites like Google, Yahoo, Hotmail etc, Facebook has also released as email address, You too can get email address from your Facebook account.If you wish your Facebook email address must not seen by any unauthorized person, than you must hide your Facebook e-mail address from your profile page.

For Getting Facebook Email Account , follow the steps provided below:
1.Login to your Facebook account.

2.Now go to following link.
Click here

3.By clicking on the link, You will be redirected a page, that is shown in the image provided here, You have to click on request an invitation.

4.By selecting that link an you will show a message like You will receive an invitation soon.

will be look like that.
If you do not have Facebook username, You can get Facebook username by following this link @

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