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How to hide e-mail id from Facebook profile page

Facebook has recently announce to make something new within this week, Officials says that they are going to give surprise to each Facebook user within the week, some unofficial source says that Facebook is going to release skype powered video chat just to compete with Google plus Hung out feature.
You can also have email address from your Facebook account.Read our article how to get E-mail id from your Facebook account.
As per many Facebook user request I found one new tricks that will increase your Facebook account security by hiding your e-mail address from your profile page, It can also be customized if you wish to show it to your friends, If you wish to show your email address to everyone etc.
Follow the steps to hid your mail address in Facebook account to prevent unwanted e-mail and spams.

1.Login to your Facebook account.
2.Here go to Profile page.

3.Click on info tab in profile page.

4.Here click on edit information and there you will be find one box saying "Contact Information", here click on the lock on your E-mail address.

5.After clicking on that box, one another pop up box will be appear,here there will be options, select the options to which your wish to show your mail address.

Everyone- By selecting this option every one who visits your Facebook profile will see your E-mail address, I will recommend you to not select that option.
Friends of Friend-By selecting this option,Your friends and a friends of your friend will see your email address on your Facebook profile page.I will also recommend you not to select this option if you wish to have strong Facebook account privacy. 
Friends only-By selecting this option, your friends can see your e-mail address.
Customize-Hover you can customize it according to your wish,like Your Facebook e-mail id will be invisible to all, and visible to only you.

Video tutorial : You can find video tutorial on How to hide your mail id from your Facebook account.


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