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How to Make free Gmail multiple phone calls

Many of you readers are using Gmail's voice calling feature to make phone calls can now set up multiple calls at the same time.Major Search engine has recently announced the launch of multiple phone calls service on its Gmail service.According to official Gmail blog,users can make/receive multiple calls in Gmail along with the other services like voice and video calls to other computers.

If you have made call from Gmail, and wish to make another call, you can do that simultaneously by putting that call on hold and you can talk to another call by resuming that call previously you put on hold.You can switch between two calls by pressing resume button.
If you are attending any calls you and simultaneously you are getting calls from another person, you will receive notification that the person calls you,you can choose you wish to accept that call or not.if you choose accept that call, than another call will be put on hold and you will talk to that person.

Gmail multiple calls features works on all call types like Google voice,video and phone ,but the only restriction is that a maximum of two outgoing calls to physical phones can be placed at once.

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How you can make free Gmail multiple phone calls :
1.Login to your Gmail account.
2.On left side, you will see "Call Phone" link in the Chat section, now click on that link, so small pop-up dialer will be opened.
3.You will need to download Google's voice plug-in,before you can make any calls from Gmail.You can download Google's voice plug-in by clicking on link for it in the dialer window & install that plugin.
4.After installation of Google's voice plug-in, reopen the window and you will see voice dialer on your Gmail page.Now you can make calls from your Gmail account.


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