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Google updating Chrome for Apple's Mac OS X Lion

The major search Engine Google has updated its popular web-browser Google Chrome to work better on recently launched Apple's Mac OS X Lion.

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New Google Chrome will now supports Mac OS X Lion's multitouch gestures.With Google Chrome new 14.0.835.0 version user will get two-finger swipe gestures for forward and backward navigation on OS X Lion.Google Chrome version 14.0.835.0 updated for Mac and Linux, and Google chrome 14.0.835.2 version has also been updated for Windows according to Googlechromerelease blog.

Google Chrome version 14.0.835.0 will support for communication protocol for Web Sockets, a high-speed communication mechanism between browsers and Web servers.Google also said about Chrome new version that PDF viewing has broken in this release but fix for this broken will be release for this later in the week.

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