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Microsoft's Windows Phone 7 OS mango updates

Microsoft is going to introduce Windows Phone 7 OS "mango" obviously the Mango is code name for the Windows Phone 7 OS by Microsoft.The newest version of the Windows Phone OS has release to manufacturing stage (RTM) and By this fall, Microsoft’s mobile OS will available on handsets worldwide.

Microsoft has stopped Windows Mobile operating system and unveiled a new smartphone system called Windows Phone 7 operating systems.Microsoft said about the update of Windows Phone 7 OS bearing 500 new features and announcing new partnerships with manufacturers Fujitsu ,ZTE and Acer."The Mango update for current Windows Phone handsets will be ready this fall, and of course will come pre-installed on new Windows Phones" said by by Terry Myerson-Chief of Microsoft Windows Phone.

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Microsoft's Windows Phone 7 OS mango will bear new features like Threads (text, IM, and Facebook chat all into one conversation), a web-based marketplace for apps and a mobile version of Internet Explorer 9 with advanced HTML5 support. 


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