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How to Upload iPhone Photos To Google+

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Recently Google launched social netwoking website called Google plus.Google plus mobile application is also available for mobiles.Now not only Android phone users can upload their photos to Google plus, but iPhone users too can upload their photos on Google plus via mobile by using any app that can send pics to Google‘s image organizer, Picasa.

Follow the steps to Upload iPhone Photos To Google plus :

1.You can go to apps store and Download Piconhand that is free software.

2.Now login with your Google credentials, it will shows up your existing album.

3.Now create mobile upload album(This step is optional).

4.Now click on upload photo you wish to upload,either by taking photo or by choosing from your library.

5.Now go to Google plus library and change the visibility of album you wish to shared with and apply that to all photos on the album.

That is the most quick and easiest method to send your photos to Google plus, If you have any other way to send photos to Google plus you can share here by commenting below.

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