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How to Recover lost data from USB Drive storage media

Very often we are losing our data and Media stored with our USB drive like Pendrive, Memory Stick just due to some virus problem,Bad sector infected USB drive,Corrupted media storage,some file and folder are accidentally deleted from storage media and all that problems will create Data and media loss from storage media.
You can use the software that name is DiskDigger , DiskDigger has two mode of operation.
First one is Dig Deep & second one is Deeg deeper.
Generally when you are deleting some files from USB media storage, it will be no longer to see you on media, The systems is identify as deleted but it is not actually wiped clean from the storage disk.It only make those files as not visible,Dig deep will scan such a files from your storage media and make them reappear on your storage disk.

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Dig deeper is the operation mode that is most powerful data recovering tools, That enables to carve out whatever files it can find on the disk, independent of the file system.

In short the both of operation mode of DiskDigger software makes the recovery of lost data and undelete the files you lost like image, pictures, photo, video clips etc.Besides USB Drive Data Recovery Software is works for major storage media providers like Transcend, Kingmax, Kingston, Jet flash,Sony, Super Media, Super Flash, Apacer, AVB etc.Disk Digger Flash drive recovery software can be downloaded online from the official website of Diskdigger.However you can Download Disk Digger free from here.


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