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BBC fixing for iPlayer problem on new iPad2

The BBC is now testing a fix for problems on iPad users when using the iPlayer app. The BBC fix for iPlayer on new iPad2 is eagerly awaited by many iPad users.
iPlayer on new iPad2 problem including so many errors said by users, some of users are getting error message to switch to Wi-Fi even when they are already connected to Wi-Fi,while some of users are saying programmes are playing for a while only after that, it will close.The most common error users are getting on  iPad2 apps is "Failed to load programme, please try again later".Some of the iPad users are complaining that they can watch programmes before the app was introduced, but now they can not able to watch programmes either via apps or via web.

It was not possible to imagine how many iPad users has been affected by such an errors, but The BBC says there are 900,000 iPad app downloads, and minority of peoples are affected,although so many of iPad users has complained on BBC iPlayer message board, while some of users has reported on .

Regarding this matter, Daniel Danker who is general manager of BBC programmes told that "For the vast majority there have been no problems, but for a small group of folks programmes have just not played very well and that's been very frustrating. So we have been listening to the forums to work out where the problem is and produced a fix which some members of the public are beta testing for us."

The news comes on the back of the launch of the iPlayer app across Europe by BBC Worldwide. Daniel Danker declined to comment further to his interview on Radio 4.

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