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How to find how many rss feedburner readers of any website

Are you using Beautiful Email subscription widget box in your blog, that shows feedburner readers/feedburner subscribers of your website, it also shows twitter follower numbers.However if some website willing not to display their feedburner readers counter, and you wishing to know eagerly about that
, it is possible to know how many feedburnber subscriber readers any website having.

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Here is one replacement keyword link ,that contains XML feed provided by Feedburner feed publisher has enabled FeedCount.The feedburner address look like

In my blog case you can find my blog RSS Feed Subscribers with FeedBurner on the following link.
You just have to replace the /~fc/ehowportal (red colored)keyword with the feedburner address with that blog link like I have as ehowportal and press the enter, you will have the gif image of that particular website on your moniter/laptop screen.but the limitation is that you will not find out subscriber list when some website have not enabled FeedCount Chicklets in their Feedburner Publicize channel.


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