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Design Cool logo free for website

If you are in-search of making free logo design for your company that will create free logo for your website or brand online.FlamingText is a FREE logo design tool where you can create your own logo, buttons and more. You can use these logos on your website, in your email signature, or wherever you like.

All you need to do it just select the type of shadow and design you wish to have in your logo and you will be redirected to a page where you need to type your brand name you wish to have logo inside in logo text.
Font size will help you to increase or decrease the Font size of your logo & if you wish to change the font of logo, you will get variety of fonts online from there.
There is other cool setting tools to design your logo like you can add shadow, opacity to your logo,set the opacity axises & if you wish to have your image behind your logo, you can also set from there, you can add transparent background or color background to your logo with the cool tool.You can save that logo online by selecting an extension for your logo, and clicking on create logo, it will redirect to a page where you will see the option to download the logo you just created,you can edit that logo also if you found some mistake later after creating logo.You can email logo to your mail address, update on your Facebook account,print logo or ftp hosted location of your created logo, so if you wish to use that logo directly without hosting anywhere you can use that by using ftp tools,where you will get the ftp address of your hosted logo.
Just try out flamingtext to design your cool company logo.
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