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Create Team Blog using blogger

Creating team blog has an advantage, you will get extra visitor from the content posted by your blog team members.Blog team members can be expanded up to 100 members, so you need not to worry till you are inviting up to 100 people to view your blog.

1.Login to your blogger account.

2.Go to setting tab,by clicking on setting tab, the basic setting page will be you need to select the permission page.
3.Select on add authors and invite persons with e-mail address of person from there.The person you are inviting by e-mail address, will receive a mail containing login link, there he/she will have to login with their email address on blogger account.If invited person has blogger account he may simply login from that account without creating new one & if they are not having Google account,than may prefer to create new one.

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The invited user can contribute on your blog, they can not edit any of the post but only contribute on your blogger blog until you are give the author as admin privileges.


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