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Google Plus introducing Google+ games

Taking the fight to new levels, Google Plus has recently announced the launch of Google+ games that allow users to play social games like Angry Birds, Diamond Dash, Zynga Poker etc.As launch of Google+ as social networking website slap on Facebook's face against social networking war.Google+ has crossed around more than 25 million users around the globe within a month after its launch.It is believed to be the second largest social networking website after Facebook.While Facebook has 750 million active users daily.

Facebook recently launched Facebook video calling feature to compete with the Google+ 's Hangout features,It also unveiled Group video calling feature to compete with the Hangout feature of Google plus.Facebook recently updated the standalone app called Facebook Messenger app for mobile that offers group chat feature, photo sharing etc, but, it was a copy of Google+'s Huddle or BlackBerry Messenger.

As per the video posted on YouTube,"Games are rolling out to field trial users in Google+, and coming to all accounts soon. Learn more about games in Google+ and take a whirlwind tour of the what's available."

When you are wishing to play games on Google plus,Just click on the Game button just besides the Google circle button, you will be redirected to a Google Plus Game page where you can play various games like Angry birds,Diamond Dash, Zynga Poker like wise in the image posted here.
If you are unable to go to Google plus game page, just wait for some time,very soon Google + Game feature will be made available to you, I am getting assess to Google + games are you??

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