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Download Latest version of Mozilla Firefox 6

Worlds largest web-browser Mozilla has recently release the latest version of Mozilla Firefox 6 for Download.New latest version of Mozilla Firefox brought new notable changes & security updates in Firefox 6.

Mozilla Firefox 6 brought a little changes in The URL address bar where we were used to type address while in a new updated version of Latest Mozilla Firefox you can see only without http:// in address bar.That feature was actually having with Google Chrome and Internet Explorer since before.It highlights domain of the website a user is visiting.

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Mozilla Firefox 6 security has also been bolstered with new permission features.That allows user to configures a particular website permission by typing "about:permissions" (without quotes) in the URL address bar.User can configures various settings on Mozilla Firefox 6 like location sharing,Cookies accept or rejecting,pop ups and password manage in Mozilla.You can upgrade your Mozilla Firefox previous version to latest version at free of cost.Click here to download Firefox 6.


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