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Facebook Banned in Germany

Schleswig Holstein's data protection commissioner, Thilo Weichert, on Friday  ordered state institutions to shut down their Facebook Pages and remove the “Like” button from their websites — or face fines up to $72,000.

Schleswig-Holstein’s data-protection commissioner, Thilo Weichert, said that an analysis from his office shows that Facebook builds profiles of both users and non-users with data collected by the Facebook Like button, reports the Associated Press.All Companies were asked to remove Facebook Pages& like buttons before 1st September 2011 or they will have to pay a fine up to $72,000. ULD found that the Facebook social networking plugins helps companies to track users for up to 2 years. Companies can record users interactions with web pages and their activities.

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A biggest social networking website Facebook, which has about 750 million active users worldwide, said that they will approach European Union to remove the ban.Facebook spokesman added that the service is complied with all the privacy laws of the European Union.Because According to Facebook, the only information that the company receives when a user who is not signed in hits the Like button is an IP address.

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