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Penguin Books mobile app available for download

World's leading book publishers, Penguin Books has recently announced the launch the new apps for mobile users in India.With the new Penguin Mobile App, users will be able to browse the latest books, authors, news and events, read reviews and exclusive excerpts, and also stay tuned with other book lovers on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

Penguin Mobile App enables user to get all needed service at just one click from their mobile phone screen. Penguin Mobile App is an easy-to-navigate, mobile portal with information on all books published and represented by Penguin Books India. The Penguin Books mobile app is available for Nokia and Apple devices over India.

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Penguin Books mobile app offers user to navigate into three section called 'Just Published', 'Bestsellers' and 'Coming Soon'.If user wish to discuss about particular book,recommend the book or watch a video, he/she just have to click on 'Stay Connected' & they will be redirected to a ongoing discussions on the Penguin India Facebook, YouTube and Twitter pages.


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