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Google Chrome Sorezki Plugin to monitor SEO & Website Performance

Recently I asked my friend how he was checking his website/blog page rank on Google,Till date I was using Google PageRank Checker,but he told me about new thing that I even don't know.
Well this is the matter about Google Chrome Plugin, You need to install Google Chrome free Extension in your Google Chrome Web-browser, the name of Google Chrome extension is Sorezki SEO plus.That is free for installation in your Chrome browser, that can enhance Website Performance, SEO and Social Activity of Website, It will tell you about page rank of your blog,Google WMT & Google Analytics parameters ,and Number of Backlinks, Directory Submissions etc means all information about your website the plugin will tell you.
Google Chrome Sorezki Plugin to monitor SEO of website
Youcan check your blog/website page rank online,There is a little icon in your Google chrome web-browser just at the right side of your Google Chrome address bar, by clicking on that icon will lead you to the information about your website.
Sorezki SEO Plus Google Chrome Extension Can Boost Your SERP Ranking

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That is screen shot of my blog having page rank 1 on Google, you can check that it has 27 Yahoo site links, 2 page links and 27 indexed,  like wise there is information about Google search engine that it has 1st page rank on Google,226 page has been indexed on Google likewise you will get all information about the Search Engine Optimization on your blog and you will see the details of your website on Major Search Engine.
Enhances search engine result pages and adds additional parameters to Google WMT & Analytics, Bing, Yahoo Site Explorer and more.

Like wise on State page you got information of your website for Search Engine, on second tab below State you will get Search Engine Optimization tips like Markup,Server Details,Meta Tag , Keyword Density of your blog,Recommendation.Recommendation tool will explain you what is lacking on your, or which thing is preventing your blog from getting top ranking in Search Engine.You can download free Google Chrome Sorezki Plugin online directly from Chrome Webstore.


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