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Optimize Images for Search Engine with Alt Attribution

Optimize Images for Search Engine with Alt Attribution
I have recently installed Google Chrome Sorezki Plugin that helps to monitor SEO & Website Performance.It told me that my blog has got 1st Page Rank on Google Search Engine Result Page(SERP).I was very happy to see that but while i was moving on the Optimization tab of Sorezki Plugin , It told me to add ALT tag with every Image I am going to be posted and recommended me to add alt tag to better optimize images on my blog.

Alt tag is generally stands for Alternative descriptions for image, that will be create a better Search Engine Visibility for image content published on your blog.It is most useful when user agents that cannot display images, forms, or applets, alt attribute specifies alternate text.

How to Use Alt Attribution with Image :
Now I think you have cleared about alt tag , that specify image identity to Search Engine, but if you don't know how you can use Alt Attribution with Image, than it will be wasting of times to reading my article.Well, you can use Alt tag with each image , it is simple method.
Generally we are posting image on blog that all image are having HTML coding like this.

<img src="" width="257" height="329">

I have given link one of my blog post image,that we are uploading image having same attribution like src that defines the source of image from where they are actually hosted.Now next one is width and length of image that you can specify according to your need.that is all about general image posted with each post.
Now by using same link,you just need to make Little addition of alt tag in that coding.

<img src="" width="257" height="329" alt="Image Description">

I just added alt attribution at the last of image link, just use alt="image description", here in-place of image description you have to use your image description.Suppose if you are using image of eating cat, that think about some attractive tittle and write it in image description if alt attribution.

You will find such coding of your image in HTML editor of your blogger or wordpress blog.

You can use for HTML 4.01 as following coding.
<img src="imagename.gif" width="10" height="10" alt="Image Description">

And for XHTML coding, you need to use following coding.
<img src="imagename.gif" width="10" height="10" alt="Image Description" />

You have done!!

If you do not wish to add alt tag in each image posted on your blog, you can add just one code for only one time in your blogger template so it will automatically add alt tag with nofollow attribution on your blog, try this out SEO Script for blog image Search Engine Optimization


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