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Google Sign in Page got Brand New look

Google is updating its service day by day even more and more effectively to make them more user-friendly.Recently Google Bought Motorola Mobility For $12.5B, Says “Android Will Stay Open.Step by step towards journey of success.Here are some of the changes Google made in the year of 2011.
and so many more features has been updated this year by Google.You can see the Brand New looking Google Sign in Page while at the time of sign in option on Gmail, You will see one notification says "Coming Soon, a New Sign in page"If you will click on preview it, you will be redirected to a new Google Sign in page.See the difference between older signin page and newer sign in page of Gmail.
That was about older one sign in page of Gmail, while Newer sign in page of Gmail has little different, see the image below.
Older sign in page of Google says us sign in with your Google account, while newer gray brand version of Google says Just sign in with the small logo of Google in a sign in box.


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