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How to Remove Passwords from Protected PDF Files

If your work is based on office documents along with Adobe PDF file format having made it password protected previously for securities reason.You Wish to read some of them but feeling boring to open all of them by typing password each time whenever you are promoted to write password for particular file.

There are so many tools available online that have ability to remove password protection from PDF file from your computer, you just need to download that software & install in your computer.Some of them are paid application for Removing Passwords protection from PDF Files online but it is not affordable to buy each application for each time whenever it needed for different kind of work on PC.So I will recommend you to download BeCyPDFMetaEdit that is free Windows utility.MAC users can use preview to open the document & able to save it.

First open the PDF, change the mode to “Complete Rewrite.”, now Run the PDF password remover program just downloaded from above link & it will ask you for the location of PDF file to be unlocked from password.Now GO to Security tab & set “Security System” --> “No encryption.”You have done!!!!!!!!!

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