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How to Backup complete Firefox Data & Restore

If you are internet user and having virus problem in your computer, What will you do to remove viruses from your PC, either by using Ccleaner that removes unwanted files from PC either in running application browser like Firefox, Google chrome etc so keep your PC as cleanest as possible.But what happens if viruses are still not removed and harmed any of the directory of windows that force you to format computer and install windows in PC.
You can use Firefox Backup Tool for backup and recovery of All Firefox data.The Firefox application is totally free download for Firefox browser.Here are the steps mentioned here in the image.
Here is the screenshot for the application of Firefox backup tool looking at first site.There are mainly 3 tabs appears on the application like backup , restore and about.We need only two tab during performing the operation.
Make sure that Firefox web-browser is not running on your current session because it will use Firefox data to back up and if Firefox is running the operation could not be performed.

Back up procedure

The first step is to backup the data.You can now select the location of file where you are going to save the back up file of Firefox to recover the data that are going to loss by formatting PC.You can check or unchecked the options which you are not going to back up and select on the backup button.
There is an advanced option to add password for the backup file that are similar to the password protection in MS Word file, so that your backup file might not be used by any other users.

Restoring Procedure

After Formatting PC, just install the software, and click on the Restore tab that is just on the side of Back up tab.Here select the backup file to restore by selecting location from the menu.If you gave password in previous step you need to enter password in this step.Hit the restore button and all the data you checked in the back up procedure will be restored in your Firefox so all your Firefox bookmark backup, Firefox history backup and everything will be restored on newly installed Firefox.

The Firefox backup tool is available for download at

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