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Test Your Internet Speed in RBPS - Not MBPS!!

Recently You broadband has published an advertisement about Internet speed which is fastest internet service provider in India I think and I am using their service only after changing a lot of Internet Service Provider I got this and after installing You Broadband I had never been thing about the changing of Service Provider.
They are advertising about Internet Speed about which says that is the fastest Internet with the cartoonist animation photo of Rajinikanth.You can genuinely do your Internet Speed test by using network performance tools.Look at some cool advertising banner published by You Broadband.
Lets see what first banner says- South Indian Hero Rajinikanth saying "It is a shame to measure the Speed that is this fast in MBPS.Change it to RBPS-Rajni Bytes Per Second.!!"(However there is not any data conversation tool available which can convert data from RBPS to any speed measuring unit.) 

  Other banner Rajnikanth says ," Spielberg called one day to sign me for a movie.I said, don't make it.Rascalla(Rascal), I downloaded it already and I don't like it!!"
I had lot of searched the images of Rajinikanth about this RBPS measuring units but very recently they published this photos on Internet otherwise I found those photos on road side advertisement banner on my college way but I thought the image quality will bot be good if I am capturing image from my cell phone of those banner so I waited for the advertising banner about raji over the internet.


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