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How to Customize Your YouTube Channel Themes

YouTube Channel is the the mirror of any vlogger (Video Blogger) who are interested to post their videos online on YouTube or other Video Sharing websites like clipchef , thatshow , grindtv , dailymotion etc on which Video Bloggers  are postings their Videos and share with other people worldwide.If you have adsense account, you can monetize your YouTube Video and earn from Videos posted on YouTube with YouTube Partnership Program.
You can see the the example of YouTube Channel like this one.Here I am posting new videos about Comedy shows making episodes my self and entertain people worldwide, You can subscribe the video for weekly shows in your inbox for free.

You can add transparent backgrounds to your YouTube Channels to look it more attractive.You can get more and more YouTube Channel subscriber if your YouTube Channel landing page is more professional.You can Customizing And Editing Your YouTube Channel in easy steps mentioned here.

How to Customizing & Editing YouTube Channel :
Login to your YouTube Channel with your Gmail account.

If you are creative Graphic Designer, than you may create your YouTube Channel more effective like RayWJ on YouTube that is one of my favorite comedian Guy on YouTube.
You can change the layout of your YouTube Channels from the Edit Channel option provided in your account looks like the image provided above.Once you click on one of the buttons, the window will expand and you'll be able to make the edits to your channel from there.

If you are clicking on the Setting option you will see the expanded window and you can customize it as according to your wish.
It will contains URL of your YouTube Channels, Tittle you can add according to Your Topic.You Can choose the channels types out of given there like YouTubers, Comedian, Director, Musician, Reporter etc.
You can add Channel tags to your  Tags are keywords used to help people find your channels while they are viewing other videos under same category.

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Themes and Colors:
If you are selecting Themes and Colors, You will see the various colors like Grey, blue red by wich you can select any colors you wish and If you are clicking on the Show Advance option , you will see extra menus to edit your YouTube Channels with Custom Fonts and background images along with back ground color, text and tittle colors and fonts.

Modules :
You will see modules option just besides the Themes and color options.You can add or remove certain modules like subscribers, Recent activity,Comments etc.
Videos & playlist:
If you are selecting the Video and Playlist option on YouTube Channels customization, you will be asked which content you would like to display and from the menu you can customize the Videos and playlist option on your YouTube Channels.You can select features layout,feature content set, feature video to your YouTube Channels.

From Where You Can Download YouTube Themes :
You can download and upload custom YouTube theme if you don't know how to customize your theme with your own image. - That website provide you to download the YouTube background by clicking the link and saving. Upload it to your YouTube channel directly. - You can Download lots of Free Professional YouTube Backgrounds, YouTube Layouts & YouTube Themes. - The website is the first YouTube Layouts site dedicated to delivering high quality YouTube backgrounds for your YouTube channel.

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