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Advertising Media Gets Adchoice Fever

I recently told about Adchoice when Google has updated its advertisement from Ads By Google logo to Adchoice.I thought only Google has changed its lable but I seen other companies are now using adchoice label to gain similarity as Google ads.
The image I captured from my own blog where Chitika ads appearing on below popular post widgets.They labeled their ads with Adchoice label to looks almost similar advertisement as of Google Premium Publishers are getting.

The one thing of Chitika ads are that when anyone user comes from Google searching or if they are organic visitors they will be shown related labeled ads like I had searched from my blog as Google ads that's why there is Google ads appearing there and the ads tittle are too similar as of query like wise I am from surat, so it will shows ads heading as Google Ads near Surat,09 so it will increase the chances of Clicks on their ads rather than Google ads.

Another one advertisement media that is smowtion.Which is also believed to be alternative of Google adsense but I believe as the Google adsense is the best and powerful thing to earn money online.The next turns comes for Chitika - I personally loves Chitika and is second option for advertisement but Google is always first.
 That image they are showing during ads appearing and they advertise via flash banner so it is animated advertisement that is also affect on clicking on ads.

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