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How to Add Watermark to Your YouTube Video

So many video makers around the YouTube are creating their own production, Likewise so many companies are using their own video watermarks logo that keeps showing during the entire video plays from starting point to the ending point.You can also use animated logo or AVI logo for videos like a TV sign in one of the corners of screen.

By Using the Vidlogo 3.6 version(Latest version of video watermark editor I found), you can edit the logo in your video by choosing the logo from the top left corner of the box that will be appear after running the software.You can set text instead of the logo that are in JPG ,AVI, BMP, JPEG or else image format even in bitmap (bmp, jpeg, gif) Logo can be added to Video.So whenever your Video published online on the internet on YouTube or any other popular Video Sharing websites, Your Video Watermark logo will be appeared on your video you created.

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You can easily Convert Video to AVI with different codec (recodec AVI). Moreover you can set the position of your image logo, text logo to the X and Y axis and transparencies that used to make lightening or darkening your image watermark logo.The watermark logo editor supports most of the video formats like AVI, ASF,WMV,DivX,XVid,3ivx,MP4 etc.

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