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How to Download files from 4shared-Online Free File Hosting

What is File hosting?
-File hosting means any file having extension can be placed online and the file where it remains it is called Host.So many websites are nowadays offering free file hosting accounts like ,,, etc.There are specific host for specific need.
Suppose if you want to host an image, you can use image hosting like ImageShack,, TinyPic etc.If you want to host your website you can not use file hosting for hosting your website, for that , you need to have webhosting.

Now Lets come to the topic.I am generally use website to host my files online.Honestly I didn't know how to download files from website at the first try of using that website, because of advertisement of that website.It confused me a lot and I were not able to go to the original file download link, instead I was clicking on the ads they are showing and they got money from my clicks not I was getting file that I want.I thought so many user over internet are using 4shared and even lot more will be!!
I think Newbie will need a tutorial for downloading a file from 4shared website so that they may not have to fetch a difficulties that I fetch.

There you see a search bar like Google, Search any file you want to download from 4shared website and hit enter.Or you are searching file on Google and you found the file is hosted with 4shared than you may directly go to the Downloading page as shown here.The Search Result page for 4shared website will be look like the image shown here.

After clicking any of the link shown by red colored arrow, you will be redirected to the downloading page where free user have to wait for the clock countdown timer and after finishing the timer you will be allowed to download the particular file you want.
 Here green colored box will be appeared there you will have to click for the file link.
Countdown timer will count the time and after the time finished you will see the download link above the clock.
If you are premium user of 4shared, than you have advantage over free user,You need not to wait for the countdown timer and you will directly get the download link just by clicking on the download page.
Free users are getting only 10GB free storage, while you will get 100GB online storage space,upload maximum 5 GB size of file on your 4shared account.

You will get the link at the space I discussed earlier.Here is the option like Download file now is the original file download link and you are able to download the file from that link only.
Another great thing is that, If you are using torrent, then you will download torrent file directly which will open the download link in torrent.The feature was not available before.

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