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Google Obeys Newtons Law of Gravity

That post I am posting when I was searching for cool stuffs on Google and I found one thing that Newton has made the law of gravity and Google is too obeying the rule of Gravitation force.
Although Google is celebrating the Newtons Birthday by making Google Doodle with apples falling like animations.

The thing is really interesting you can do with Google that is Google Gravity.Just you need to do one thing that is Search for Google Gravity in Google or go directly to the mrdoob's Project directly from the link provided here.

When you are going to the above link for Google gravity, you will see that all the content in Google search engine is suddenly falling down even the search bar.Now you can search anything on Google search bar and you will see the Google Search Results that also falling down from the above side.The all links in the projects are working finely even when you are clicking on the Search Results link, you will be directly redirected to the link page as Google redirects.

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