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How to Download YouTube Video as MP3 Onto iTunes

YouTube is currently largest video sharing websites ever in the world and no person can tell that they have not heard about YouTube because YouTube is the best place to discover, watch, upload and share videos online.Most of the YouTube file are Video File having an extension as filename.flv format.

FLV file contains both audio and video files & to save that in MP3 format you need to skip video files and save only audio file format.There are several ways to download YouTube Video as MP3 file.First way is to download whole video in your Computer with Keepvid or SaveTube.Than you need to convert that video file format to an audio file format by using video to mp3 converter.
If you are not going to waste your time in downloading whole video in your PC and than convert it to in a suitable format, You can take a help from online video converting tools that can easily convert your videos to audio file online.

You can manually download YouTube video from keepvid website and there is option to download Yooutube file as MP3 format, you can directly download your file from there in mp3 file format shown here in image with my YouTube video link that I am running my own entertainment channel on YouTube.

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The main advantage of keepvid is that you can download YouTube video in most of the video file format mentioned at the video download page like Download FLV(240p), Download (360p), Download MP4 (Max 480p), Download WebM(360p), Download 3GP(240 p) & as an MP3 too.So you need not to download video and later convert it in different format, but just choose the suitable video or audio file format and download it in your PC.


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