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GPS dating apps for Apple iOS device - Find a date nearby

Blendr- an application that is free for download for Apple iOS device working on the GPS navigation systems to find suitable dates nearby your location.

New application is free for your Apple iOS device and also on Facebook that couples location of person with similar interest.Romance seekers peoples need to write a short profile on the app, along with their profile picture, a brief description and picking from a long list of potential interests to help filter out people who don't dig their hobbies of water skiing and watching British dramas.

Grindr was similar application that was founded by Joel Simkhai that also works on location based GPS dating apps for gay men.That has around 2 million users worldwide,according to the company, and even spawned a political scandal in Puerto Rico .
There are several location based dating apps like singlesaroundme,freelancer-Location based dating app in iPhone etc, but the main advantage of Blendr apps is that it will tell rough approximation of how far away a user is but never their exact location of another person.

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