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Sony Reveals 1st HMD Personal 3D Viewer

Sony has recently announced the release of Head-Mounted Display(HMD) Personal 3D Viewer that resembles helmet at IFA electronics show in Berlin.Head-Mounted Display(HMD) can be connected to 3D camcorder for a live view of what’s being shot or used for watching movies or playing games and also with Blu-ray, PlayStation. Sony’s Head-Mounted Display(HMD) “personal 3D viewer” is going to release on November 11th in Japan.Elsewhere at IFA, new announcements on Windows Phone and on slim ‘ultrabook’ laptops are expected to launched.

The device uses two 0.7” high definition(HD) OLED panel (1280 x 720)  displays, using the latest organic LED technology, along with surround sound.Sony claims it simulates a 750” cinema.
The likely price point for HMD Personal 3D Viewer 3D TV is around 60,000 yen which is a bank-unfriendly $783. There’s no word of a US release yet.

Source: Geek,telegraph


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