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Online Free File hosting & Sharing

Are you searching for online file hosting that provides you access to upload high quality larger files online for free, online file hosting and sharing services on 4shared with your personal account. With 4Shared online file hosting service you can upload, store and download music, video, photo, documents, and any other types of files.
It provides you Desktop application from where you can upload & share your files online with Desktop application of 4Shared.If you have Symbian phone, BlackBerry, iPhone or Android Phones you will get separate apps to run on your mobile with which you can also upload your files online from mobile.By using 4shared sync user are able to tracks changes in the folder on your computer and syncs any changes to the web account. After sign up for free, you will have your 10 GB of the virtual space online for free.

You can create New folder on your 4Shared account and upload multiple files on it, and multiple file uploading feature is especially useful to upload a file by separated volumes if the size of the file exceeds the space limit.

By using 4Shared online tools you will be able to Create a Photo Album with your captured photos or Screenshots directly,If you are not wish to store the video or audio file on your PC, you can stream video or audio file online directly without saving in your PC.Besides this features 4Shared offers Search Engine that lets user to search any Video Files,Music Files,Photos files, Games , Books online from their website.

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