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Make Your Own Photo with Custom Magazine Covers Style

Is reading is your favorite thing to do?? DO you like reading books more and more from different authors, Do you like reading foreign authors book or Articles published by different authors on books or websites.You have seen the different different authors images posted on the books front page with the photo and some details about the book on cover page of book.Just like the images posted here.

You can create your own poster online with the online image editing tools where you just need to upload your photos stored on local hard drive of your computer and you will get some options to make your own poster.I have made this photos posted here for my own image , you can try for yours.

Both of images are made with online image editing tools that allows one to make their own photos just like an author of books.You seems like an author of any book.

How to make your own image posted on cover of books:

1.Go to Posterini website.

2.Here you will see an option to upload photos, just hit the select photo buttons & Select your photo from your PC.

3.The image will be loaded on the website, you can change your photo if you find the photo is not looking handsome or beautiful just by clicking on Change photo button.

4.Now select Poster Style and from drop down menu, select any of the like Drama Movie, fashion magazine,teen magazine, photo magazine,SciFi movie,Comedy Movie,Character movie after selecting an option the theme will be applied to your image you are upload on that website.

5.You can apply art filter by which you can apply color effect to your uploaded photo.

6.Third option will let you to integrate your image on the funny location you are choosing just like the image posted here, After making my image poster I get this output magic option.
7.After editing your photos with the tools, just hit the Generate button and you will have your own image poster on magazine.

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