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Translate All Language instantly in Mozilla Firefox

International language is English means so many peoples out of the world are making conservation in English only but there are lots of website that have been written in Non-English Language and for those website, Language translation is needed.If some websites are providing language translation gadgets that it will be very useful to translate any language easily in to your native language.

You can use Language translation in your window software like Adobe PDF , MS Word pad
 with software that works offline in any Window programme.If you are using Opera mini web-browser than you can read all language in Opera mini just by simple tricks but what about Mozilla Users.
Well , you can Select any text and instantly get information about it in inline window or translate it via Google translate while at the time of using non-English website on Mozilla Firefox.Just select some text written in other language, click the icon and inline window appears with the search results.

You can install just Firefox Add-on from budaneki & You will have a translator in your Mozilla Firefox browser.Enjoy reading all language articles in your Browser.(Update:budaneki Firefox extension is no longer available for Firefox 7.0 or above versions)

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