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Turn Your Gmail account in Internet hard drive

Have you ever though You can carry all your accessory media, data, movies, software without pen drive??
Suppose you are going outside from your home with just Apple's Mac OS X & you have not enough storage capacity of Flash-drive that can store your entire hard-disk (USB 3.0 Flash Drive is now available that holds 2 TB storage capacity!!).But what happens if you can store your entire hard disk drive online!!You can manually backup your E-mails in your pen drive but did you ever think about backup your Harddisk online??

Yes , you can store your important files online on Gmail account by dividing in to different categories like Application,Documents,Important,Movies,Music,Pictures etc.
gDisk is a software that will turns your GMail account into a portable internet hard drive so you can always have your important files accessible over the Internet in your Gmail account.
Your uploaded files on Gmail account will be appeared in as attachments to messages labeled yourlabel.gDisk.So that you can store your file online over Gmail and assess it from anywhere from your Gmail account.If you want to hack the code, you will get it from gDisk source.

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Features of gDisk:
  1. Upload /Download any file with Drag and Drop files from/to finder.
  2. You can create and delete any specific labels
  3. Automatically detecting Mac OS X Proxy Server Settings over internet.


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