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Useful Firefox Add-ons to take Webpage Screenshots

Recently we have discussed about taking screenshots in Google Chrome web-browser easily with awesome screenshot Extension, By using that Google Chrome extension you can easily take screenshots of entire webpage or a part of web easily as in image file without using any image converter or image editing tools like MS paints , adobe Photoshops etc.Just use the Google Chrome extension to take screenshot directly.

I am discussing about Mozilla Firefox Add-ons that can able to take screenshots easily from your Firefox browser without use of any image editor software or screenshot toolkit.
Firefox plugin name is Abduction! that will lets you to save a page, frame, or part of either as an image directly from Firefox.

How to use Abduction Firefox plugin to take snapshots easily:
You just need to Install Abduction Firefox extension in your Mozilla Firefox browser.Now restart Firefox and whenever you wish to take screenshots of any webpage, Just hit the right click from your mouse & you will see the options as shown in image provided here.

Generally you see the options by clicking right mouse button will be seen, but excepts those option, you will see an extra option because of installed plugin in Firefox browser.That option will be save Page As Image.Just click on that option and you will see option to capture screenshot of webpage.

The option will carry an pop-up window that shows you following options.
Those option are X-ray (U) , Select all (U) & Save selection.From those tools I like X-ray (U) option most because it will automatically detect the image from the webpage and shows you yellow colored box to promote you to save particular part of an image from webpage wherever your mouse hovering.Select all (U) option will promote you to save image from webpage in Firefox with your choice of part.If you wish to select a part of an image or entire webpage.
After finishing your image selection, you just need to select the Save selection button & the you will be asked to save image in your local drive of your computer.You can host your images online too.

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