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Great Google Chrome Extension to take Webpage Screenshots easily

Till date I was capturing screenshot of my blog by print screen button located on keyboard.I was then paste it on MS paint and making whatever I wanted, but recently I found an awesome Google Chrome extension that can easily take screenshots of any webpage without the need of any software.All you have to do is just install the Chrome extension in your Google Chrome web-browser and You have done.Now Whenever you wish to capture snapshot of any webpage just follow the steps.The main advantage is that it can capture photos in rectangle,circles and other lines.

Create screenshots of any webpage easily with chrome Extension :
1.Switch to Google Chrome Web-browser if you are currently using Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer or any other web-browser.

2.Now Open the link to download Awesome Screenshot Plugin for Google Chrome browser.

3.Once you opened the link, within a minute, The Google Chrome extension will be installed in your Chrome Browser.(depending on your connection speed provided by your Interned service Provider(ISP),You can manually Check your Internet connection speed online.)

4.After installing the Google Chrome Extension, a new icon will be appeared just beside of address bar of your Google Chrome web-browser.(You can create your own Google Chrome extension.)

5.Whenever you wish to capture a screenshots of any part of website, Just click on that icon & it will provide you an option like capture visible part of page, Capture selected area and capture entire page.Based on your need you can capture a screenshot of your website.I took my blog screenshot for just an example.Look at the image provided below.
When you are trying to capture Screenshot from Google Chrome Extension, you will see an Extra Screenshot toolkit provided at below address bar.
That toolkit will helps you to cropping an image you are taking for screenshots,drawing a rectangle,circle,Arrow, line ,blurring effect in an image you are taking, You can type text in an image with various colors with color picker option.

6.When you are finished your image editing with Chrome plugin, you have to click on Done option.
To save an image file you captured, there will be 3 option for you!!!
  • Automatically you will be promoted to save file whether in your PC or online.Well you can save that image file online,If you are clicking on temporary save that image file online, it will be visible for 3 days and automatically deleted after 3 days.
  • Another great option is that offers permanently saving image online.You can sign in with your Google account.
  • You can manually save that image file on your local drive of your PC by clicking on save as option from right click of mouse.
It supports PNG file format.You can save larger image file up-to 2 MB.

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