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Aoao Photo Watermark Software review

Aoao Photo Watermark Software review is again top most commercially used watermarking software that generate stamp on your image quickly.It provides the best way to protect your digital images & photos online by generating strong digital watermarks like text, image, logo.Watermarking images is the best way to protect your online digital photos to prevent any misuse or any other unauthorized use.You can watermark your digital photos for free with Alamoon Watermark or TSR Watermark Image software but if you want to go for something different, you can use Aoao Photo Watermark Software.

Advantage of watermarking:

1.If your images you captured from your camera and the images is attractive and natural that liked by thousands of user, but if that photos have no watermark, means that can be used by anyone over internet because that images will have no copyright issue in the future.But if you have watermarked your photo,it will be better to claim that photo is yours only in future if anybody has copied that one.

2.If you are website or blog publisher, watermarking images by adding credits to your website link will increase the traffic to your website alternatively because ultimately the image will advertise your blog/website.

3.If your website/blog is famous, than the users who copy the image will add credit to your website by linking the image courtacy with your article so ultimately you will get backlink to your website for free.

Featrures of Aoao photowatermark:
-Aoao photo watermark software support batch mode,so if you have no time to handle all the images at the same time,you will use the batch photo watermarking tool to add watermark to all the images at the same time.It will take about a minute to complete the process.
-You can add unique style of frame to pictures like the oil painting style,artistic frame,modern style, fashionable frame and many more.

-You can Rename, crop and resize your images quickly & it supports most of the images format available like BMP JPEG GIF PNG TIF TGA PSD etc. 
-It is not only watermark generator software, but also it is image editor software too.

Besides all the advantages and feature, also provides some of the popular converter like:
Video to Picture Converter which lets you to convert your Video into picture with easy-to-use video to pictures software. You can capture pictures from video file, convert video to single picture or seriate pictures.[download]
Video to GIF Converter allows you to Convert video to GIF quickly, video to GIF animation, video to serial image.[download]
SWF to GIF Converter utility allows you to Converting Flash SWF file into animated GIF file formats.[download]
You can download free version of Aoao watermark software consist of only 7.02 MB or buy Aoao watermark software online from the official website.

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