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Adsense Image or text ads? [Case Study]

I have been asked so many times and So many forum I have seen the adsense newbie asking that which adsense ad type will generate more income for them.Well, I have studied for a month to check this out for my blog, if images or text ads generating more revenue for me, I guessed that image and flash ads will generate more income for me, but after the case study I got one interesting thing.
Click on the image to enlarge it.I have taken a report for a month which ads is generating more adsense income for me and to my surprise,I found it was text ads generating larger amount of my income rather than that of rich media, Animated images,Flash ads and images ads.The second number for generating income was of image ads.
I have used both image and text ads on by blog simultaneously and I found the result.Tell me, which types of ads are generating more revenue for you by commenting in the comment section below.

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