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Split & Join any Larger sized files on your Android

If you wish to send a larger size of email attachment via computer, you need to split the file on your computer via so many file splitter available like GSplit.But if you are out of the town and you want to send the bigger sized attachment via android phone, than you have no need to split the file on computer and save it on android and than send via your android mobile but the File Splitter for android is available in android market.

Just download File Splitter for android on your mobile that allows user to split or join any type of files on their android mobile cell phones.If the file is in MB you can select the MB or if it is in KB than you can select the KB, So that your file will be spitted in according size you selected.It is very useful application when there is limitation of file size or file size restriction on any website or application.You can use your multitasking feature on android because the application can run in background so you enjoy your favorite website surfing or chatting with friends or watching YouTube videos on your android mobile.

Currently the android app supports only English and Arabic language.You can search for more android apps on Android gallery.

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