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Best rss reader android app - gReader

If you likes to read online resource with the help of RSS reader, you are probably using popular RSS feed readers on your computer like FeedDemon, Which is powerful RSS feed aggregation or NetNewsWire which is also similar like Feeddemon but with more features.But what if you have no computer or laptop when you are outside your home or on holiday and missing your computer to read interesting rss from your RSS Reader.
Well, here is the solution for that.You can read interesting news and your subscribed RSS on your android phone by using popular gReader application.

gReader is unofficial application and works similarly as of Google Reader for android but it has more function than that of the official application from Google Reader and I personally like gReader than Google Reader on my android phone.

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Why to have gReader instead Google Reader:
I will personally recommend my reader to use gReader than Google reader because of lots of handy feature available in the application.Some of them that impressed me a lot that are mentioned hereunder.
-Google Reader synchronization:It can easily synchronize with Google reader so that you can read all the subscription in your Google account with the application.
-User Interface:Simple and easy to use screen.
-Subscribing:You can manage your subscription of your Google reader just by simple clicking.You can unsubscribe to reading list by one click.
-Auto synchronization: It is automatically synchronize the latest feed updates on your account and download it in your mobile.It downloads the feeds in your mobile and so you can read your feeds even when you are offline.
-Sharing: You can share your favorite content directly to the Facebook, Twitter or even you can send it via email.You can also Save to Read it later / Instapaper that provide you to Save long web pages to read later, when you have time, on your computer, iPhone, iPad, or Kindle.
-Themes : Pro version of gReader supports Black, Blue and Dark colored themes.
-App2SD supports : It supports App2SD, so that you can install the application on your SD card instead of phone memory,That will improve your android phone speed.
-More features like Tablet (Honeycomb) support,2-Way Sync (include star items),Search feature,Rich article list (snippet and thumbnail) and many more.
Try out on your android yourself.

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