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Keep Mosquitoes away with Great Smart Phone Apps

It is little bit awkward when an Mosquito bites you and even worse condition when there is summer season.Mosquitoes are summertime nuisance harassing people in many parts of the world.Not only the bites is itching us whole day but pesky little blood-suckers annoy the people by their loud buzzing.A new smart phone app from Japanese software maker Sea's Garden, that offers you to keep all those blood suckers away & provide you an alternative way to malodorous candles, lotions, oils and sprays.

Instead of repellent fragrances, the Mosquito Buster app uses sound to keep mosquitoes away.Technically "Mosquito Buster" producing a high frequency sound from a speaker that is inaudible to humans but that the pesky insects reportedly can't stand.You can set the "Mosquito Buster" in three modes each with corresponding frequencies.You can select the first mode to avoid mosquito, and the second, to avoid rodents and third one is really helpful for those parents who want little peace and quiet from their screaming, energetic toddlers.The name of mode itself indicate it keeps the children away“Avoid Children”.

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